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Located on a beautiful ranch outside the city, Coat of Many Colors Kennel is a one of a kind boutique designed with our parents happiness, health, and best interest in mind.  We are a USDA licensed, professional  breeder that prides ourselves on far surpassing regulatory guidelines.

Our facility specializes in unique colored purebred puppies.  If you are looking for the most eye catching and colorful dogs, you have come to the right place. Our dogs enjoy indoor and outdoor play time and with staff supervision at twelve hours a day. They have cots to sleep on, toys to play with (indoors and out), and yummy treats to chew on.  They often enjoy going on car rides to pet friendly businesses and romp around like any other beloved pet. People often say this is more like a doggie daycare than a breeding facility, which we take as one of the highest compliments we could get!

We have a professional grooming suite on site for keeping the dogs looking and feeling their very best and addressing every grooming need. Our veterinarian visits frequently to ensure that any health issues are addressed and our pups and parents are in the best of health. 

We hope that one day all breeders will rise to our standards and provide the loving care and attention that all of our dogs enjoy here at Coat of Many Colors Kennel. Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to contact us with any questions about your future fur baby.

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We work hard to socialize our puppies so they're prepared to go home with you healthy and happy.

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