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December 08, 2016

‎Lani Guzman Light‎ 
December 8, 2016 · Overland Park, KS · 
Our special little girl, Chloe, is sable cocker spaniel. So glad to find Coats of many colors..

March 13, 2017

Mary Dale Graffunder‎
March 13, 2017 near Eldora, IA · 
We are so happy with our Dauschaund we got from you! He is such a lover and a goofball!

Mr Champ (aka Coal)

February 04, 2017

Cindy Willson‎Coat Of Many Colors Kennel
February 4 · 
Here is Mr. Champ (aka Coal). Leesa Nieland we would like to thank you and your staff for being the kind hearted people that you are. We love our little guy. Your place is loving and caring for all your dog's and puppy's that you have. It is clean and fun,caring . I love coming and playing with the dogs and puppys. They love everyone. Thank You for being the person that you are!! We love you all.

January 24, 2017

Lonnie-Ronda Greenfield-Sappenfield
January 24 · 2017
My newest addition to my Family from Coat of Many Colors Kennel. I could not be more Happy with this Fantastic Facility. I was amazed at How Clean the Kennel was...How Beautiful the Dogs were...How well behaved the dogs were..How the Staff new all of the Dogs by name and the History that went with them. All of the dogs play so well together and listen. I guess walking into a Kennel I did not know what to expect...I just wanted to sit down on the Floor and Play with all of them. The dogs can play inside & outside. They have nap time. A must see Breeding Kennel if you are looking for their specific Breed of Dog. And after you take your New Love Home...Leesa Nieland, Owner is always there night or day to answer your questions for you. Leesa...You have something to be Very Proud Of....and I will share with everyone how Wonderful you are and your Facility...


December 31, 2016

Marlo Lundy White‎
December 31, 2016 · 
The handsome Elliot at 5 months.


January 04, 2017

"A Coat of Many Colors Frenchie, all ready for Santa! Looking good Frankie!"


January 04, 2017

"We found Coat of Many Colors Kennel by 'accident.' We were not searching for another dog, but the second we were introduced to Leesa and her puppies we fell in love. She runs an AMAZING facility! It is super clean and the pups and dogs are cared for like children. She loves each one, calls them by name and cares for them all SO much! Her dogs are all sweet and friendly...not showing aggression...they are well socialized and such lovers. We ended up smitten with more than one puppy...and brought home our sweet Oakley. We could not love her more, or be more grateful to Leesa and Coat of many colors for raising such an amazing little girl! She is healthy and happy and super smart! And she is absolutely beautiful...I've never seen markings like hers before!

My husband and I have had cocker spaniels in the past, and many family members also have them...I would never get one anywhere else now."


January 04, 2017

"We got our Ollie from Coat of Many Colors Kennel and he is the best puppy and great addition to our family, we couldn't be happier! Leesa was great in helping pick him out and telling us all about him before he was shipped to us, which went great also! Ollie has a great personality and is very healthy! We highly recommend Coat of Many Colors Kennel to anyone looking for a great new puppy and family member!"


January 04, 2017

"We love our Kasper!! Coat of many colors kennel was the best to work with in getting our new family member. Kasper was and is happy and well adjusted from day one. Leesa and her staff were awesome to work with in choosing our new puppy."

Bianca - New York

January 04, 2017

"Hi Leesa! I'm Bianca and I am 12 weeks already and 6.1 pounds! I am very good, 100% potty trained and behaving like a lady!"

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