Coat of Many Colors Contract

You have purchased a special little puppy from Coat of Many Colors Kennel. Congratulations on your new family member! We hope that you will have many, many years together. Please always follow your veterinarian's advice regarding your new puppy.

All puppies must be paid in full prior to the transfer of the puppy.

The deposit guarantees a hold on your selected puppy and is non-refundable. In the event you (the buyer) fail to complete the purchase at a later date, buyers deposit would be transferred to another puppy should the seller be unable to deliver the puppy sold for some unforeseen reason (death, sickness, etc.). Shipping costs are additional to the purchase price of the puppy and must be paid for at minimum 3 business days prior to travel time.

When you receive your new puppy, it will have been wormed multiple times with age appropriate vaccines. Please feed your puppy a high quality puppy food that is appropriate for the breed of dog you are purchasing. Your puppy is currently eating Taste of the Wild, also known as 4 Health, that can be bought at Tractor Supply. Follow your veterinarian's advice on vaccine boosters, feeding, and exercise. The stress of leaving home and going to a new family can predispose the puppy to potential loose stools, runny nose, or cough, etc. This can be normal, however, at the first sign of your puppy feeling sick (quits eating, doesn't want to play, lethargic), please notify us immediately for advice and see your veterinarian.

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is also a real danger to your puppy and can cause death if he/she is not eating. If you suspect hypoglycemia, Kayro syrup may be given orally as an emergency treatment to correct the sugar levels but veterinary help may be necessary.


Be sure that you follow up with your veterinarian for your puppies 12 week vaccinations. We recommend that you limit the exposure to strange dogs and public areas, such as dog parks and pet friendly stores, until your puppy's vaccination series is complete. We do our best to provide you with a healthy and well vaccinated puppy. The rest is up to you. There are many things out in this world that can affect your puppy so please ensure that they stay safe until the booster cycle is complete.

The items contained within this paragraph are not covered in our health guarantee as they are issues that at the time of the purchase become the liability of the buyer and their animal health care professional.

Your puppy has been examined by our veterinarian but we recommend you have the puppy seen by your veterinarian within 4 days of purchase. If any serious, life threatening, congenital conditions are found at this exam, with documentation provided by a licensed veterinarian, and return of the puppy to the breeder, we will replace the puppy from the same litter or give you a comparable replacement as soon as one becomes available. All transportation/shipping costs to return puppy to the breeder is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Conditions such as undescended testicle(s), cherry eye, etc., or issues/illness such as respiratory illness, intestinal worms, campylobacter, Giardia, Coccidia, etc., are not to be considered to be reason for return of the puppy and are not warranted by this contract, as the puppy's exposure to other people, animals and places are no longer within our control. *Bulldog breeds have several breed predispositions which are not warranted, including but not limited to: intolerance of extreme temperatures (hot and cold). A wide range of respiratory problems which include elongated soft palate, restricted trachea, and susceptibility to possible pneumonia, as well as nasal fold, wrinkle and eye conditions.

We off a 1-year congenital health guarantee. If the puppy develops a congenital defect within year one, and is a condition that adversely effects the health of the puppy) upon proof of a licensed veterinarian, and the return of the puppy to seller, the purchaser will be entitled to a comparable replacement puppy as soon as one becomes available. There shall be no cost for the replacement puppy unless the buyer chooses a puppy that is priced higher than their original purchase. In such case, the buyer will give full credit of their purchase price against the purchase price of the new puppy. All transportation costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Coat of Many Colors Kennel will not pay for any veterinary services authorized by the buyer. In any event/for any reason, the sole liability of the seller under this contact shall be limited to the replacement of said affected puppy. If the seller no longer breeds dogs or does not expect new puppies within a 6-month period, the seller, at the buyer’s request, will refund the buyers purchase price in full. Any and all disputes that may arise from this contract will be governed by the laws of the state of Iowa, venue county of Polk. This contract must be signed by the buyer, and returned to the seller within 5 business days of deposit submission or it will become void and buyer will forfeit all conditions to the puppy warranty. Submission may be via mail, email, or USPS.

This puppy is being sold as a pet. Although you are purchasing full breeding rights, there are no guarantees given as to adult size, weight (estimate only), fertility, personality, or potential show qualities, etc. of the puppy. No other warranties expressed or implied are given. If this puppy is UKCI, MSCR, or AKC registerable, a registration application will be provided to buyer within 60 days of purchase.

We are happy to provide support for our customers and the new parents of our babies. Please feel free to call or e-mail anytime. We love to hear how our babies are doing.

Coat of Many Colors Contract

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